Personal Tax Compliance

Under Self Assessment, individuals including trustees are responsible for the completion and submission of their own tax returns.

We provide a comprehensive service to ensure that your entries and calculations are complete and correct and that deadlines for submission are met.

Our services offered will include the preparation of business accounts for the self employed, preparing rental income and expenditure statements for investment property portfolios and the calculation of capital gains or losses on disposals of chargeable assets.

We will ensure that all expenses, tax reliefs and exemptions are claimed where appropriate.

We also specialise in the drafting of Trust Accounts and advising specifically on the Trust tax situation.

HM Revenue & Customs has extensive powers to enquire into any aspect of the tax affairs of any individual without requiring reason. Enquiries can be selected completely at random so there is a risk that you could find yourself involved in a tax enquiry, asking numerous questions and demanding specific information. We can help you by dealing direct with H M Revenue & Customs officers on your behalf, and should there be any tax exposures negotiate on your behalf.

In the event of any tax investigation, aspect enquiry or dispute with H M Revenue & Customs, we are able to arrange insurance to cover the cost of our fees in supporting you; this is our ‘Tax Investigation Service’ (more...)

Let us take away the stress and bother of Self Assessment by assisting you with your compliance matters.